Stephen McKenzie always said he’d stand naked in Myer’s window before he’d become a ‘Blogger’, which poses the question: will he draw crowds to rival their annual Christmas display? The 20 year photo-journalist similarly avoided Facebook, until a recent solo exhibition in New York necessitated promotion, and ‘free’ Facebook publicity appealed to the 45 year old son of a Scotsman.  He grew to love it, eschewing short, sharp “I’m making pancakes right now, here’s a photo” posts for lengthy, indulgent, often nonsensical musings about life as husband to Helena and slave to five year old twins, Max and Sam. His 13 year old dog, Ruby only added to the hilarity. But not all Facebookers were impressed: “Get a blog, McKenzie,” they  posted (jabbing at the keys). “This isn’t the forum”.

So okay, okay, here it is, my blog. Go with me, bear with me and share with me. (And if something else comes along that’s a more ‘acceptable’ forum, understand that it’ll take me several years to know about it).

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